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Bulk 1/8 Beef Deposit

Bulk 1/8 Beef Deposit

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Total Price: $650

DEPOSIT pay a Non-refundal deposit of $200 today. 

We will send you an invoice for the $450 remaining balance once the animal goes in for processing between January-February. Balance must be paid in full before shipping or pick up.

*1/8 Beef includes Approx 50lbs of Meat*

(requires about 1-2 cubic ft freezer space)

Premium Marbled Steaks- (25%) Approx 13# of Ribeye, T-Bones, Top Sirloins, Flat Iron, Steak Fajita or Stir Fry Meat, & Sirloin Tips

Savory Cuts- (35%) Approx 17# of Chuck Roasts, Arm Roasts, 1lb Stew Meat Packs, Short Ribs, & Soup Bones

Lean Ground Beef- (40%) Approx 20# of Lean Ground Beef in 1lb packs.

Benefits of buying in bulk:

• You will have convenience of your own freezer section right at home!

• We take care of the hard work and have our own personal cutting standard already in place.

•This is the best way to get all the premium cuts of beef such as Ribeye, and Tbones for a lower price per pound not to mention superior quality.

Shipped right to your doorstep. No hassle of of shopping.

Price includes:

All Butchering & Processing Fees

•Individually Vaccum Sealed Packages for indefinite fresh quality in the freezer.

•Flash frozen to preserve freshness, quality, and flavor.

•Professionally labeled packages with the name of the item.

•Dry aged for 14-21 Days for enhanced flavor and tenderness

FREE SHIPPING to your doorstep withing the Midwest. (further states shipping rates applied at checkout)


Total Price $650

1. DEPOSIT pay a Non-refundal deposit of $200. We will send you an invoice for the $450 remaining balance once the animal goes in for processing between January-February. Balance must be paid in full before shipping or pick up.

2. FREE SHIPPING to your doorstep within the Midwest. Rate apply for further states.

3. Or pick up at our farm, we'd love to "Meat" you. As a bonus, Thank you for supporting local we will include a gift card to use toward your next purchase

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Our Promise

This isnt just Meat, this is Frickson Family Farms Meat! The best premium meat in the Midwest!

Our promise to you is that your search for a trust worthy source of high quality meat is over. We are a real working family and care about the same things you do. Your meat will be raised the right way, so that you can enjoy it the right way!

Packed with nutrition and bursting with Midwest flavor, without the unwanted elements of commercially raised meats.

You will notice the difference in the quality of our meats IMMEDIATELY. We guarentee it with a 100% Money Back Guarentee

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