Collection: Bulk Premium Beef

 All Natural, Premium Beef: We raise a unique blend of beef that is a cross between dairy & beef breeds. The result of the beef breed helps to maximize the yield, while the dairy breed provides the superior quality marbling content.  So, with every bite of our beef, you will receive the best of both worlds with the buttery, beefy, Midwest flavor we all know and love.

  • 100% Committed to Stress free environments.  This is an important factor in the tenderness and or way the animal will thrive in its lifetime. 
  • Fed a complete Non-GMO Diet
  • NO added Hormones or Antibiotics (Natural)
  • Dry Ages minimum of 14-21 Days
  • Individually Vacuum sealed for indefinite freshness
  • We guarantee you won’t find this quality in the grocery store meat. 
  • We are a REAL working, family business, contact us with any questions anytime we are happy to help.
  • Our land and animals are all handled with proper care. There is no other way we could envision our life than right here on the farm with our children, raising wholesome food for ourselves and others.