About Us



  Frickson Family Farms started in 2009 fresh out of high school, Andy compiled, saved money from other farm jobs and graduation money to buy 10 dairy cows. Although Andy had been raised as a farm kid his whole life, Darienne could not say the same. In 2013 we got married and purchased the farm from Andy’s grandparents. As our passion for farming and raising livestock grew, so did our family. In 2015, our first daughter Paislee was born. 12 months later, in 2016, our second daughter Jolena was born. Finally, in January 2020 we welcomed our son Gentry into the world.

  In 9 short years we had built our dairy herd up to 120 head of registered Holstein cows, built a new milking facility and felt accomplished being named one of the top ten herds for producing quality milk in the state of Minnesota for almost 5 years in a row. Due to unfortunate circumstances & unstable financial futures for small family farms we made the tough business decision to exit the dairy industry in January 2019. 


  Our lives were turned upside down, heartbroken, and bitter, we knew the days of old had passed. We knew we had to become resilient and innovative if we wanted to continue farming for generations to come. The farming lifestyle and knowing that this is how we intended to raise our family, bitterness of feeling forced out of the dairy industry and the realization we had to take matters into our own hands and quit allowing the middleman, and corporations interfere with our farms success led us to transition into the farm-to-table meat business. Selling our family raised beef and pork to our family, friends and the public. Together Andy & Darienne, along with our children, work as a team to raise all of the livestock and crops.


Premium Beef: We raise a unique blend of beef that is a cross between dairy & beef breeds. The result of the beef breed helps to maximize the yield, while the dairy breed provides the superior quality marbling content.  So, with every bite of our beef, you will receive the best of both worlds. 

Heritage Pork: Our heritage bred pigs are sourced as babies from two of our neighboring farms who are experts in breeding, farrowing and show quality genetics. As soon as these piglets are weaned from their mom, they make their new home with our family.


Nutrition Facts: Our livestock are fed a complete balanced diet of conventional, non-GMO Corn for that buttery beefy Midwest flavor we love, as well as Non-GMO Alfalfa Hay as a protein source. Our crops are 100% raised by us, right here on our farm.

Farm Practices: We are committed to regenerative cover crop, and no-till practices to help preserve soil health. Not only do we know everything from the seed that our livestock eat, but We also work directly with a professional animal nutritionist who specializes in creating a custom “recipe” if you will for each animal in the different stages of their maturity. 

Trust in the fact that we work directly with a USDA licensed and inspected processor located about 30 miles from our farm. All beef is dry aged for a MINIMUM of 14-21 Days before cutting and packaging in individual vacuum sealed packages, to preserve optimal freshness.


Why you should choose us: We know precisely that these animals will produce the finest “rich” flavor, tenderness and consistency that you and anyone you serve, will love. How, because we know down to the last ear of corn or bale of hay just what our livestock have eaten and the quality of care they have received by our family. 

  • 100% Committed to Stress free environments.  This is an important factor in the tenderness and or way the animal will thrive in its lifetime. 
  • Fed a complete Non-GMO Diet
  • NO added Hormones or Antibiotics 
  • We guarantee you won’t find this quality in the grocery store meat. 
  • We are a REAL working, family business, contact us with any questions anytime we are happy to help.
  • Our land and animals are all handled with proper care. There is no other way we could envision our life than right here on the farm with our children, raising wholesome food for ourselves and others.
“You are what you eat” Point blank if you want to feel good physically & mentally. Animal proteins are a great way to get your daily protein source. As a Christian family We believe God has granted us this opportunity to raise a family and feed his people while doing so. We are stewards of the land and plan to leave it the way he designed it. Lastly “Knowledge is power” by Friending us “Your Farmers” you will gain knowledge and trust in how your food is raised. This is something you can’t put a price tag on, nor can you ever take back.